What We Do

We are a statewide policy advocacy organization advancing health equity for California’s Latinx community—40% of California’s 40 million residents. Our powerful team members bring their personal lived experiences and professional technical expertisethrough our programming, policy development, and strategic communications. In collaboration with our trusted partners, we translate solutions into equitable policy and lasting systemic change.

Community Change

At LCHC, we build local capacity and train community leaders to engage with policy and systems decision-makers. Our programs engage Latinx leaders and Latinx-serving organizations to cultivate community participation in decision-making processes so systems meet the unique needs of the State’s largest racial/ethnic community.


Policy Change

At LCHC, we believe that policy should be rooted in a community-centered approach through systematically leveraging community input at all stages of our policy development process.


Narrative Change

At LCHC, we translate and disseminate accessible, credible, and actionable content surrounding emerging local and state policy and programmatic updates related to Latinx health equity issues to ensure our communities are informed of relevant policy and systems changes impacting their health and wellbeing.


About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1992, the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC) is the only Latinx-led statewide policy and advocacy organization protecting and advancing Latinx health equity. We are a cross-sector coalition of community leaders, advocates, policy advisors, administrators and providers united by our common belief in protecting Latinx health and advancing health equity for all. Our work consists of community-centered programming, policy and advocacy development, and strategic communications

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Mission & Vision

Mission: To advance and protect Latino Health through policy and advocacy to build healthy communities in California

Vision: End Latino health inequities in California

Our Issue Areas

LCHC’s three strategic issues areas guide our work in order to achieve and amplify our mission and vision.

Access to Health Care for All: Increase access for individuals to affordable, high quality, and culturally and linguistically appropriate health care— including oral and mental health care—for all.

Building Healthy Communities: Build social, economic, and physical environments for communities that prevent chronic diseases and promote health and wellness.

Health is a Fundamental Human Right: Reduce structural and institutional barriers that produce health inequities across race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, age, and immigration status.